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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Today, we live in a world previously unseen by the effects of environmental disasters. However, now we are in an environmental crisis where more natural disasters occur than previously seen before. Carbon emissions and other harmful gases have profoundly affected the ozone layer, resulting in unexpected ecological hazards.

The widespread adoption of solar energy is one of the best solutions to prevent the planet from becoming more damaged. Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun and is a natural and clean energy resource that is converted into heat and electricity.

Besides producing electricity, solar energy is also used for different purposes. These include being useful for transportation and industrial fields. The reason behind its great rise in popularity is that the environmental cost of solar energy is little to nothing!

Want to know more about solar energy and how you can use it? We've got you covered. In this article, we'll look at the top uses of solar energy and what benefits we get from using solar energy. Read on!

5 Ways Solar Energy Can Be Used

Solar energy is helpful in various ways, from producing electricity through photovoltaic cells to heating water and food. Here are some top uses of solar energy.

Solar powered transportation

Do you know that you can use solar energy to run cars, buses, bikes, and even aircraft? Absolutely! Innovation and technology are making the most out of solar energy. In solar-powered transportation, solar photovoltaics are incorporated in vehicles to run them on solar energy instead of fossil fuels that release harmful gases.

Solar-powered transportation is quickly becoming popular, and Solar Impulse 2 is a great example. This is a solar-based aircraft with wings made of solar cells that take energy from the sun to power the aircraft and ensure a smooth flight. China and Australia also use solar buses and cars to minimise carbon emissions.

This shows that solar energy has the potential to take over the transportation world soon. If you have an electric car, charging it using energy from a solar panel is also great for using solar power for transportation.

Solar lighting

Most of the time, you see outdoor lighting in homes, landscapes, and even on roads without any specific electrical source. These lights are manufactured by silicone-based photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electrical energy. These lights enhance the overall efficiency of your homes, roads, and businesses.

Furthermore, these lights don't require a complicated setup as no wires or electrical connections are needed to run them. Although solar lights aren't as standard as LED light sources, they are quickly gaining popularity because they are becoming more affordable by brightening your home without adding to the electricity bills.

Besides being efficient, solar lights also give a great aesthetic touch to your property and lift the overall decor of your home. These lights are readily available, and you can buy them from any hardware store near you. On average, one solar light will cost you nothing more than $20.

Solar ventilation or fans

Solar ventilation is excellent for homes as it reduces the burden on your home's HVAC system and keeps the home cool during hot summer days. Industries also use solar ventilation technologies to cool the warm atmosphere caused by machinery.

These solar energy technologies in ventilation also help in preheating your industrial building during cold temperatures.

Solar heating

Many people are unaware that solar water and heaters are the best for home heating without investing in solar panels. Typically, a solar space heater converts sunlight into thermal energy using air as the medium. In contrast, solar water heaters use water as a medium to produce thermal energy.

You can use these solar heaters to warm the bathtub and swimming pool water within seconds. Hence, solar heating systems are more cost-effective and an exceptional alternative to gas and oil. On average, a solar heating system will cost around $4000 to $5000, much less than many people pay for electricity bills yearly.

Rooftop solar

Multiple gadgets and devices run on solar energy and can help you save on bills. Like these devices, solar rooftop panels are excellent for keeping your home's power running without costing you thousands on your electricity account.  However, before buying any solar energy system for your home, you need to consider your overall usage and how you want to utilise it.

This will help you manage the load on the solar energy system. A solar energy system comes with a solar battery that charges when the sun's radiation falls on it and supplies electric energy to your home. At night, when the sun isn't present, the batteries utilise the stored current to keep the lighting and ventilation running.

What Benefits Do I Get from Using Solar Energy?

Now that we've discussed solar energy usage, let's look at the benefits of solar energy technologies in more detail.

Positive impact on the environment

As mentioned earlier, solar energy is obtained from the sun's radiation and is a renewable energy source. Thus, its environmental impact is nothing compared to other energy sources. As there are no carbon emissions from solar energy, this means the environment would remain unpolluted by greenhouse gases if all energy used across the world were obtained from the sun.

You may be wondering if water plants are similar to solar energy systems – not at all. A solar energy system uses only a tiny quantity of water for running and doesn't waste this natural reserve. Furthermore, solar energy devices don't produce any noise, so we can say goodbye to noise pollution and enjoy a peaceful life with solar energy.

Reduce energy bills

The reason people are quickly going completely solar is due to the fact that solar energy reduces the overall energy bills of homes and commercial buildings. Solar systems produce electricity by collecting the sun's radiation and converting it into electrical or thermal energy.

So, when you produce your own electricity through a solar energy system, you will not need to buy it from a utility supplier. Thus, your overall energy bills will reduce. Besides saving your money, solar energy can help you earn. Don't know how?

Start selling your stored solar energy back to the electricity grid and get a profit from it. The more energy your home or business produces, the more you sell and the less you need to buy from the supplier.

Provide energy in peak hours

In general, energy demand is at a maximum from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. During this time, the utility supplier charges double for electricity. As a result, you end up with high bills at the end of the month. But do you know you can save on your bills by going solar during these hours? Yes, naturally, the peak electricity hours are the same as peak sun or solar energy hours.

Therefore, instead of paying high bills, you can shift your home to solar energy, and you will soon see your electrical account decline. You can also save the remaining solar energy by connecting the solar energy system to a battery. This will allow you to use the remaining power at night and eliminate high electricity bills.

Solar energy is widespread

Another fantastic benefit of solar energy is that it's present in many regions. Whether in a developed country with fast electricity sources or living in a region with no other electricity, you can use solar energy to generate electricity.

The government can install independent solar systems in remote areas to make lives easier for millions of people. Interestingly, spacecraft and boats can also work on solar energy.

No electricity loss

Areas far from the suppliers or supplying grid suffer frequent electricity loss. On average, three to five per cent of electricity dissipates during transfer to faraway places. However, this loss increases as the distance increases, so you can expect more than a three to five per cent loss if you live further away.

This loss seems insignificant, but it dramatically affects the performance of electrical devices in those regions. Solar panels on the rooftop can save you from this loss and keep your devices and appliances running smoothly.

Better security of power grid

The power grid is less exposed to blackouts and voltage drops if multiple plants are spread throughout. So, a grid with high solar interference has several channels spread out, which minimises the risk of blackouts and keeps the grid safe when there's an overload or natural disaster.

Job creation

It may surprise you, but solar system installation provides different job opportunities. The only costs associated with a solar energy system are installation and initial equipment costs. With more solar companies springing up, this contributes to local job opportunities for people.

The more jobs there are the more stable the country's economy. According to a source, every 50 new job opportunities in America are in the solar sector. The employees get meaningful jobs and living wages.

Australia receives a total of 58 million PJ of solar radiation every year. In 2020, the small-scale solar system contributed 23 to 24% of Australia's clean energy generation and was responsible for 6.5% of the country's total electricity generation.

Solar Energy Is Important For The Future

The sun produces a lot of energy that is enough to meet the electricity demands of the whole world, and unlike fossil fuels or other energy sources, it won't run out any time soon. Additionally, it's one of the best clean and renewable energy resources and doesn't have any limitations. The only limitation you may face is your inability to convert solar energy into thermal and electrical power efficiently.

Solar energy can be used in various spaces, from transportation to running the home's HVAC system. It reduces your energy bills and keeps the environment safe by not producing greenhouse gases that cause ozone depletion. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to use in remote regions where there is no grid electricity and in areas facing severe electricity loss.

So, if you've yet to join the solar energy move and concentrate on solar generation, what are you waiting for? Using solar energy for your power needs will help you see significant changes in your energy bills. Contact a licensed solar installer to get started on your solar energy journey.