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The team at Green Spark Electrical & Solar understand the growing demand for a Gold Coast electrician that takes care of both solar and general electric work. We pride ourselves on being the best electricians in town, with products that are:


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally friendly


Green Spark specialise in installing solar power systems and solar panels Gold Coast wide, as well as offering all of the standard electrical services you’d expect!

Whether you want us to take care of a small task like changing a light bulb or installing a power point, or you have a larger project like a building rewiring or commercial fit out, our electricians can get the job done!

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We'll install and maintain your solar panels so they're running as efficiently as possible.

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We guarantee that your solar power system from Green Spark will meet your energy needs.

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Why Choose Solar Power on the Gold Coast?


  • Save Money

    Without solar panels Gold Coast residents are subject to some of the highest electricity costs in the country. In fact, an average of $1467 per Gold Coast household is spent on electricity every year!

    With our top of the range solar panels installed you can harness the unlimited potential of the sun’s energy and reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills right now!

    Green Spark's electricians are experts in the field, and will happily advise you about best design, positioning and size for your solar power system.

    Why pay for electricity when you can get it for FREE from nature?

    With a comprehensive system of solar panels Gold Coast residents can even make money! The more you invest initially, the more you’ll save, and potentially make from producing excess electricity!

  • Optimal Conditions

    Australia is subject to some of the best conditions for harnessing solar power in the world, and Queensland’s Gold Coast is no exception. The Gold Coast is a very sunny city, boasting roughly 300 sunny days a year. On average a property will get 4.2 hours of full sunlight a day, and 12 sunlight hours every day of the year.

    What does this mean in terms of solar power generation?

    With 4.2 hours of peak sunlight, a home with a 1.5kW, 3kW, or 5kW solar panel system will generate 6.3 kWh, 12.6 kWh or 21kWh respectively per day. In 2014, Gold Coast households consumed an average of 18.16kWh.

    This means that ideal conditions for solar power Gold Coast homes are exposed to make offsetting or even covering an entire home’s energy needs quite easy.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    The great thing about our solar panels is how easy to maintain and durable they are.

    Our panels only require a once a year cleaning and service to deliver peak performance year-round. Just ask about booking your cleaning and servicing when you get your panels installed, and we’ll remember so that you don’t have to!

    This very minimal amount of maintenance will ensure that the quality solar panel installations we do will stand the test of time and provide your home with green electricity for many years to come.

  • Green Energy Choice

    The Gold Coast is responsible for emitting 9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents each year – that’s 16 tonnes produced by every resident. This huge amount of emissions is mainly caused by Queensland’s reliance on primary fuel for electricity generation.

    However, over 46,000 Gold Coast residents have recognised that solar panels are one the most environmentally friendly energy solutions available, and have already made the switch to emission-free power!

    With a modern solar power system Gold Coast locals can have peace of mind knowing that they're using green, natural and free energy supplied by the sun, and potentially even feeding that clean electricity back into the system for others to use!

  • Increase Your Home Value

    Solar power is a major selling point for any potential home buyer.

    Investing in a solar panel system won’t just reduce your electricity bills, it will significantly increase your property’s value when it comes time to sell.

    On average, a solar power installation can increase house value by up to 4%! That means the value that a solar power system brings to a home results in the system virtually paying for itself!

The Solar Panel Quoting Installation Process

Solar panel quoting and installation is a breeze with Green Spark.

Once we've arranged your home visit, one of our qualified electricians will head to your property to conduct an on-site assessment. This is performed to ensure your house or building is suitable for solar panels. We then tailor a solar power system design that suits your needs, which you can review.

Once you have approved the solar power system we have designed, we will have the installation underway for you in no time. It’s that easy!

So Please, CALL NOW and we will be happy to help!

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There are many Gold Coast solar companies to choose from, but before you make a decision, it’s important to understand the way the Australian government gives discounts for installing solar panels.

The federal government offers all Australians financial incentives to install solar power systems in the form of “Small-Scale Technology Certificates” (STCs).

The way these STCs work is simple. For each megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy generated by an approved solar panel and inverter system, the government grants one STC.

STCs can be bought and sold, but they don’t have a fixed price. Their value varies from time to time.
The bigger the system you install, the more STCs you will generate in its lifetime, and the more cash you can receive.

When Green Spark books an electrician to install your solar panels and inverters, you have the option of either:

a) Assigning your solar panel’s lifetime STCs over to Green Spark in exchange for an immediate and significant point of sale discount.

For example, if STCs are valued at $40 each, and your 3kW solar power system is worth 62 STCs, you’ll be eligible to deduct $2480 from the cost of your system straight off of the bat.

b) Paying full price for your system and its installation, registering your STCs, waiting for price improvements, finding a buyer and managing their payment.

Most people who purchase a solar panel system prefer the convenience of assigning their STCs over to their installer in exchange for a discount.

As the demand for electricity in the Gold Coast increases, power prices will continue to rise, and you will find yourself saving more and more by relying on electricity you generate for yourself.

If you start generating more electricity than your household uses, you can sell this back to the electricity grid.

Before June 2012, the QLD government offered 44 c/kWh for excess electricity residents sold back to the grid. Now that this “Solar Bonus” scheme has ended the amount of money you get for selling your surplus electricity has significantly declined, and the Queensland Government now leaves this transaction up to you and your electricity retailer.

While this “feed-in tariff” is smaller nowadays, it’s still important to take the time to research which retailer will give you the best rates for the electricity you generate. Smaller companies like Click Energy offer up to 12c/kWh for feed-in tariffs while Origin only offers 6c/kWh.

At Green Spark, we install solar power Gold Coast wide - no matter what size your household or business property is, or what your specific energy requirements are.

From fitting one of the state’s largest private sector rooftop installations to implementing tilted solar on flat roofs to make the most of the sunlight, we have innovative solar panel solutions for all scenarios.

Whatever your needs are, our recent projects showcase our ability to tailor solar panel installation service to suit all of our clients.

Our Other Electrician Products and Services

At Green Spark, our green-minded electricians are happy to help you with all of your other household or commercial electrical needs too! We carry out all types of electrical work from installing new fans, security systems, lights and electric gates through to large jobs like retail fit outs, industrial machinery fixes, and commercial wiring.

Whether your new store on Cavill Avenue needs wiring, lighting or telephone networks taken care of, your Yatala processing plant’s electrical equipment requires maintenance, repair or test & tag, or your Robina townhouse needs new lights or pool pump installed or fixed, Green Spark has you covered.

Our qualified electricians provide a range of electrical services including:

  • Full residential, commercial and industrial re-wires, installations and upgrades
  • Electrical services for renovation and re-locations
  • Upgrades, maintenance & repair services for household electrical items including fans, power points, air conditioning, lights, meter boxes and solar panels.
  • Servicing and repair of commercial & industrial equipment and appliances to run at maximum efficiency.
  • Compliance and safety checks for equipment
  • Surge protection
  • Smoke alarm installation & testing
  • Installation of security, lighting and other specialised electronic systems

Do you need a Gold Coast Electrician to help you with installation, servicing, and maintenance of something electric? At Green Spark, we’re here to help with any and all things electrical!

We don't just install, service & repair electrical products, we also stock them so that you don't have to waste time and energy looking for suppliers.

Our standard electrical product range includes:

  • All standard home and business fittings
  • Intercom systems
  • Security alarms, camera systems and swipe card points
  • Lighting including indoor and outdoor down lights, LED lights, wall lights, and LED strip lighting
  • USB general power outlets

At Green Spark, we also offer a range of ways to make your home more cost efficient and environmentally friendly. This includes:

  • Conducting energy audits to pinpoint energy drains in your house or business
  • Fitting timers and sensors to electrical equipment that uses significant amounts of electricity to ensure they are being used on off-peak time tariffs as much as possible.
  • Energy trackers that monitor homes or business’ energy usage.

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You can rely on our fully qualified Gold Coast electricians to provide quality installation, servicing and maintenance for your electrical or solar needs.

If solar power is what you are after, trust us to provide you with an energy efficient solution to help you save on your energy bills and ensure you have a sustainable household.

If electrical work around your home or business is what you want, we’ll give you a competitive quote and get the work done right and completed quickly.

No matter how big or small the job is, or what time of day or night you need the work done, call Green Spark today on 04 1435 2982.

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