Solar Power In Tweed Heads

At Green Spark Electrical & Solar, we are well known for our pledge to always send an electrician that Tweed Heads homes and businesses can count on to be professional, budget-friendly, and show up on time, every time.

When arranging a call out from a Green Spark electrician, Tweed Heads residents gain access to a comprehensive range of quality electrical services, from basic jobs like installing additional power points or fans, to more complex tasks such as commercial electrical fit outs.

We also conduct electricity saving checks and install electricity-saving tools and appliances including energy monitoring systems, and systems to generate the cheap solar power Tweed Heads loves.

Thrifty Tweed Leads the Green Way

By making the change and converting their household’s electricity supply to the amazing renewable energy source that is solar power. Tweed Heads residents are already stopping the damage to the planet and their hip pockets.
Tweed Heads leads the way when it comes to making the switch to solar power, with roughly 1090 solar panels in the area, despite its relatively small population of 7500 people. In total, Tweed Heads already has 2500.84 kW of solar power capacity, which generates 11279kWh every day, and collectively saves residents over $1.25 million a year.

When you consider that these cost savings are coupled with substantial environmental benefits – 4117 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been made by coal-generated electricity are avoided every year in Tweed Heads alone– and it’s clear to see why so many residents choose solar.

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Can Solar Power Make Money?

The beauty of generating your own solar power is that once you start making more energy than your home or business consumes, you can to sell this excess electricity back to the grid via your energy provider.

As residents of New South Wales, only Tweed Heads locals with an existing system installed before certain dates are able to access the NSW Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme. However, many Tweed Heads electricity retailers offer their customers credits for electricity they feed into the grid. These solar feed-in tariffs usually range from 4.7 to 6.2 cents per kilowatt hour. To get the best deal when selling your excess electricity make sure that as well as feed-in tariff rates you also take into account different retailer’s usage charges, ‘paid-on-time’ discounts, and set up fees.

How Can Tweed Heads Residents Reduce Their Electricity Bills?

As more people move to Tweed Heads, the demand for power is only going to grow, and electricity prices will also increase. Changing your electricity supply to solar power is the simplest, fastest way to shrink your next power bill.

Tweed Heads is in prime position to get the maximum benefits of solar panel installations. It is a comparatively sunny location, and has an average of 250 days of sunshine solar system owners take advantage of each year. The daily full sunshine exposure ranges from 6.5 hours a day in winter to 8.7 hours a day in summer. Because of this, Tweed Heads homeowners don’t require a big solar power system to generate all the power they need. In fact, the average Tweed Heads solar power system is only 2.29kW – that’s 0.7kW below the national average.

By booking an installation with a Green Spark electrician Tweed Heads residents reduce or even eliminate their power bills. It all comes down to how much of an initial investment in solar power Tweed Heads residents want to make. The bigger system you buy, the more power you generate, and the more you sell on!

What Other Ways Do We Help You Save?

When enlisting the help of a Green Spark electrician Tweed Heads residents can also book a power consumption evaluation to find ways to save electricity (and money) around their home or business.

We want all of our customers to maximise their savings, and we can help you:

1) Make equipment and appliances more energy efficient by fitting them with timers/sensors that turn them on during off-peak electricity tariff times.

2) By conducting services on high-consumption appliances like air conditioners to make sure they are operating at peak performance.

3) Replace old equipment and appliances with newer, more efficient technology for long-term savings. Updating doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars – even simply switching regular lights with low-consumption LED lights will save you money.

4) By fitting your home or business with an energy tracker.

What Are the Government Incentives to Install Solar panels in Tweed Heads?

When it comes to switching to solar power Tweed Heads has access to more than a few businesses offering to install solar panels. However, spending some time reading up on how exactly the national Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme works before you choose your installer can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Our federal government tries to entice homeowners into getting solar power systems by offering Australians in all states and territories a financial rebate in the form of “Small-Scale Technology Certificates” (STCs). The basic idea behind STCs is that the government gives you an STC for each megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy your approved solar power system generates. These STCs don’t have a set value, but they can be traded in for cash. What they are worth will depend on where, when and to whom you sell them. If you decide to invest in a larger system that is capable of generating more electricity, you’ll be rewarded with more STCs over that system’s lifetime, which you later trade for cash.

When Green Spark books an electrician to install your solar panels and inverters, you have the option of either:

a) Letting us calculate the lifetime STCs your solar panels will generate, then assigning these over to us for a large, instant discount on the cost of your new system.
For example, if STCs are valued at $40 each, and your 3kW solar power system is worth 62 STCs, you’ll be eligible to deduct $2480 from the cost of your system straight off of the bat.

b) Paying the full price of your solar panel system (including installation), registering your STCs, waiting for potential price improvements, finding a buyer for them and managing incoming payment.
The majority of our customers prefer the convenience of assigning their STCs over to us in exchange for a discount.

What Else Do Green Spark Electricians Do?

As well as providing the best deals for solar power Tweed Heads has, Green Spark electricians offer the full range of residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.

Do you operate a beachside hotel and are looking for ways to save on electricity in the off-season?

Are you a retiree needing a trustworthy tradesman to take care of a few odd jobs around your home?

Do you run a building supplies warehouse and want help installing the latest security system, lighting, or automated gates?

No matter what it is you need, Green Spark electricians will take care of the job. For a comprehensive list of our services, see our Electrical Services page.

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What our Customers Say!

Another very satisfied customer! Everything was easy, fast and professional from the initial enquiry and informative quote to the completion of installation. The panels also look great on the roof and the Fronius energy app is fascinating to monitor variations of sun and power consumption. Highly recommend.
Gary pallot
We installed 160 panels on our busy truck tyre store, after the solar install and re negotiating with our supplier we have reduced our electricity bills by $20,000 P.A
Paul & his crew went above and beyond installing over the weekend so it did not disrupt business.
Amazing service from Paul and his team. Used Green Spark before and totally recommend them! Don't bother looking elsewhere just go straight to Paul at Green Spark..
Christine BOYD

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