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Green Spark’s qualified electricians strive to be the most professional, friendly, and helpful electricians on the Gold Coast, and we’ve got the 2014 Word of Mouth Service Award to prove it. We are always ready to help our customers out, and are available 24/7 for emergency support, advice, and quotes on everything from small household upgrades to complete business overhauls. So whether your job is industrial, commercial, or residential Green Spark has on-call electricians Gold Coast wide. No job is too big or too small for Green Spark.

Industrial Services

No matter what the industry is or the job that’s required, Green Spark has an available electrician Gold Coast businesses can rely on.
If you’re in the initial stages of business set up and need a factory fit out, installation of an air conditioning system, lighting installation or a plant automation solution, Green Spark can handle the job.

Or if your focus is compliance and maintenance, we offer safety switch testing and installation, switchboard upgrades, mains upgrades, surge protection, smoke alarm testing and installation, test and tag of all workplace electrical equipment, installation and service of exit and emergency lighting, as well as a host of other preventative and scheduled maintenance services.

Green Spark also understands that time is money, and with our electricians Gold Coast businesses can ensure their equipment has minimal down time. We offer a 24/7 emergency call out service to provide an electrician to diagnose your electrical problems and repair anything from broken pumps, motors or control panels to an entire system out of action.

We also offer energy efficiency to identify possible leaks or malfunctions before they cause major problems. Our goal is to help you get your power bills as low as possible.

See our full list of industrial services below:

Installation Maintenance & Repair
Compliance & Safety
Pumps / Motors
Safety Switches
Switchboard Upgrades
Energy Efficiency Reports
Underground Mains
Surge Protection
Mains Upgrades
Uninterrupted Power Supplies
Smoke Alarms
3 Phase Power
Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
Telephone & Data
Exit & Emergency Lighting
Factory & Office Refurbishments & Relocations
Factory Fit Outs
Electrical Equipment Services & Repair
RCD Testing
Security Systems & Alarms
Test & Tag
Plant Control & Automation
Extra Low Voltage Installations
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Commercial Services

Our electricians cater to the needs of a range of businesses including restaurants, retail stores, salons, petrol stations, and offices. No matter what your company requires, Green Spark has an electrician that your Gold Coast business can call on.

Whether your office needs new or upgraded telephone and data systems, your restaurant has a kitchen, cold room or commercial electrical appliance that needs installation, your retail store could do with some new lighting to improve its atmosphere and functionality, or you just want to improve your bottom line. With an energy use audit, Green Spark has an electrician Gold Coast businesses can trust to get the job done right.

See our full list of commercial services below:

Installation Maintenance & Repair
Compliance & Safety
Underground Work
Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
3 Phase Power
Energy Efficiency Reports
RCD Testing
Switchboard Upgrades
Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
Emergency Lighting
Safety Switches
Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Test & Tag
Sports Lighting
Telephone & Network Solutions
Retail / Office Fitouts
New Building Fitouts
Kitchens & Bathrooms
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Domestic Services

When their home needs an electrician Gold Coast residents call Green Spark. There’s no domestic job too big or small for our team.
Full wiring of new homes, installation of electrical equipment (power points including new USB outlets, home theatres, and more) and residential safety and maintenance are all within our electrician’s expertise.

Green spark electricians also have a range of outdoor electrical solutions available including installation and maintenance of pool power, pumps and lighting, garden lighting, gate automation, and security systems.

See a list of our domestic services below:

Indoor Installation Service & Repair
Outdoor Installation Service & Repair
Safety & Efficiency
New Home Wiring
Pool Power Pumps & Lighting
Surge Protection
Safety Switches
Lighting Solutions Including Garden Wall & Path Lighting
Home Energy Audits
Bathroom Heating
Automated Gate Solutions – Sliding Swinging or Hinged
Smoke Alarm Installation
Kitchen Appliances
Security Systems Cameras & Alarms – Remote Controls Security Coding & Intercom
Child Friendly Extra Low Voltage Lighting
Switchboard Upgrades
Underground Services
Ceiling Fans
TV & Phone Outlets
Home Theatre & TV Wall Mounting
Light Switch Upgrades
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Energy Saving

Every client is interested in saving money and reducing their environmental footprint, and with experienced, available electricians Gold Coast wide, finding an energy saving solution with Green Spark is easy.

The first step to saving energy is analysing your current usage. We use a range of technologies to generate a unique energy usage profile for your home or business.

The second step to saving energy is stopping energy drains.

1) Separating light switches so that they can be individually used

2) Installing timers and sensors on electrical equipment

3) Fixing electricity leaks

4) Servicing/adjusting your existing equipment to make sure it is running at maximum efficiency

5) Configuring your major electricity usage to coincide with off-peak times

The third step to saving energy is implementing more efficient electrical appliances, and the good news is that you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to start seeing reductions on your power bill.

With a Green spark electrician Gold Coast homes and businesses can implement more efficient technology no matter what their budget.

Some simple changes can include:

1) Switching to LED lighting: LED globes last between 20 and 25 years and each downlight globe you switch to LED will save you between $25 and $50 a year. LED lighting doesn’t mean compromising on brightness either: A 3w LED globe has the same output as a 50s halogen globe. Plus, LED lighting is available in warm, cool, or even colour changing globes depending on your business’s needs.

2) Upgrading outdated, inefficient equipment. Green Spark can help you identify which equipment or appliances use the most electricity in your home or business. By replacing these with energy saving appliances that use the latest technology, you could save thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

3) Installing an energy tracker to monitor your energy usage

4) Green Spark Electrical are also Qualified Gold Coast Solar Power Installers

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Electrical Work and the Law

When deciding whether to hire an electrician Gold Coast residents need to be aware of the law. In both Queensland and New South Wales it is illegal to conduct any electrical work on your home or business unless you are a certified electrician.

There are hefty fines for conducting DIY electrical work.

Even something as small as an overheated wire can cause a house fire, and if something does go wrong insurance companies will not cover the cost of repairs or any medical attention you or an uncertified electrician may end up needing.

In fact, you would be amazed at the number of circumstances that require an electrician.

Any sort of demolition work, cutting, drilling, and nailing into walls, floors or ceilings, digging in the garden, work in under-roof spaces, or insulation installation requires an electrical safety check.

In Queensland, all of the following jobs are illegal to do without certification:

1) Replacing a light switch, the plug on the end of a lead, a batten holder with a new light fitting, or changing an existing light fitting into a ceiling fan

2) Installing a new power point or changing the location of an existing power point

3) Repairing an electrical appliance such as a heater or washing machine

4) Constructing an appliance such as an extension lead

Electrical work can’t be certified by an electrician after the fact either, so a DIY job is still illegal even if it’s executed perfectly.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, local and certified solar panel technician to conduct your solar panel cleaning, solar panel service, or solar efficiency check, contact Green Spark Electrical today!

Our solar experts can provide 24/7 solar panel service and support for Gold Coast home and businesses.

For a quote on any of our services, or if you have any questions about solar power feel free to call us:

Or see our take a look at our Solar Power, Electrical and FAQ pages.

Start saving money with solar today.

What our Customers Say!

Another very satisfied customer! Everything was easy, fast and professional from the initial enquiry and informative quote to the completion of installation. The panels also look great on the roof and the Fronius energy app is fascinating to monitor variations of sun and power consumption. Highly recommend.
Gary pallot
We installed 160 panels on our busy truck tyre store, after the solar install and re negotiating with our supplier we have reduced our electricity bills by $20,000 P.A
Paul & his crew went above and beyond installing over the weekend so it did not disrupt business.
Amazing service from Paul and his team. Used Green Spark before and totally recommend them! Don't bother looking elsewhere just go straight to Paul at Green Spark..
Christine BOYD

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