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We have an extensive range of Solar Panel Services that extend far beyond a simple installation. If you are seeking the ultimate solar power option, Green Spark Electrical & Solar Queensland has the qualified electricians, knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the best Gold Coast solar panels to suit your needs. At Green Spark, our solar panels allow you to access the free energy the sun provides. The energy you receive from solar power also offsets the electricity you receive from the grid, reducing your electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint.

Every solar panel purchase from Green Spark also comes with a free electricity guarantee! That means we can guarantee free electricity with every solar panel system we install. Contact us to ask how our free electricity guarantee works.

There are so many benefits available for solar panel owners; it is not hard to see why Australians are flocking to solar power in droves. If you would like to be part of this green energy trend that will also save you money in the long term, turn to us at Green Spark. Take advantage of our full range of solar panel services and request a quote today!

Our systems come with full monitoring of system production, home usage/consumption, as well as exported/imported electricity online and via the app. We also have access to see any issues if any, completely free and we set it up for you! – << See video for what you see. (*Selected systems with the added consumption meter accessory)

Solar Panel Servicing

Why Choose Green Spark for Gold Coast Solar Panel Services

Solar panels are a worthwhile and long term investment, so you need to make sure you have the very best solar panels and qualified electricians to install them according to your specifications. At Green Spark, we strive to provide the very best solar panel service with a range of benefits to ensure you receive value for money. Some of the benefits you will receive as part of our solar panel service include:

Panels Tweed Heads

Fully Qualified Electricians

Trust our qualified electricians to ensure the job is done right. Backed by full qualifications and years of experience, our electricians are well equipped to install solar panels for homes and businesses.

When you consider that these cost savings are coupled with substantial environmental benefits – 4117 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been made by coal-generated electricity are avoided every year in Tweed Heads alone – and it’s clear to see why so many residents choose solar.

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Expert Installing Solar Panel

Expert Service and Installation

We strive to provide innovative, energy saving solutions to suit Australian conditions. When it comes to installing solar system elements, we provide new ideas in energy efficiency and solar that could save you and your family thousands. Trust us to provide the very best solar power options to suit your individual needs and budget.

Design and Construction

Advanced Design and Quality Construction

If it is a quality product you seek, we have the most advanced solar panel construction and design to ensure longevity and energy efficiency. The design and quality construction we provide can make a real difference to the level of power generated each day.

Reduce your energy bills

Reduce Your Gold Coast Energy Bills

The ultimate goal for anyone seeking to purchase solar panels is to reduce your energy bills. Not only will solar panels provide you with free energy from the sun and reduce the electricity you receive from the grid, at Green Spark we provide advanced design for the solar panels we install. This advanced design will ensure that you gain the greatest possible benefits from your new solar power system to reduce your energy bills.

We can help you 24/7

24/7 Solar Help and Support

Do you need assistance with your solar panels? We also provide the added benefit of 24/7 help and support. No matter what time or day it is or what the solar related issue or question maybe, we can give you advice at any time.

Solar Panel Service

Solar is A Green Energy Solution

One of the greatest benefits of accessing solar power at your home or business is the peace of mind knowing you are accessing green energy that helps the environment. So how do solar panels help the environment you may ask? Solar Power reduces your reliance on non-renewable energy such as coal and gas, therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar power is also a clean energy option. If more homes and businesses accessed solar power, that would result in less harmful greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. This is because the electricity would no longer be sourced via the combustion of fossil fuels, which is a primary cause of global warming.

Financial Benefits of Solar

Financial Benefits of Solar in QLD

Solar Panels also provide the added benefit of reducing your electricity bills in most cases. This is due to your electricity being offset because the energy is received from the solar power system rather than the grid. The amount of electricity you purchase from the grid will also reduce thanks to the feed-in tariff you receive from your surplus power.

You also receive financial benefits thanks to the durability offered by solar panels and the minimal maintenance needed. When combined with the quality installation job that we provide, you can trust that your solar panels will stand the test of time.

Solar Panel Servicing

Queensland Solar Panel Subsidies

There is also a solar bonus scheme available in Queensland, which you could benefit from by purchasing solar panels. This scheme is in place to pay you for the surplus electricity generated from your home via solar power systems. Various factors will need to be met to be eligible for government solar rebates, such as the size of the system purchased and the location of your home.

For more information regarding this solar bonus scheme and solar feed-in tariffs, the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water Supply will have all of the information you need.

Solar Panels in Action

Solar Panel Purchase and Installation Process

Finding the perfect solar panel system for your home could not be easier with Green Spark. The process of purchase and installation is easy and hassle-free.

There are various factors we consider when performing our on-site assessment. These factors include the size of your rooftop, the amount of shade on your premises, especially over your roof, as well as the quantity of sunlight and sunny weather you receive where you live.

Once the assessment is completed and your home is considered to be suitable for solar panels, a solar power system will be designed by us to meet your individual needs. You are also able to review the solar system we designed for you before we install it.

The installation process will typically take around a day to complete. Once installed, the solar panels are ready to use right away.

Expert Installing Solar Panel

The Quantity of Energy Generated

Once your solar panels are installed, it is exciting to see how much electricity is generated and how much money you could potentially save. There are many factors that can affect this including the size of your system, the direction your solar panels are facing, the quantity of shade over the system as well as your local climate.

There is also a misconception that solar panels do not generate electricity on cloudy days. However, this is incorrect. The amount of power generated on cloudy days may be less than sunny days, but the amount of energy produced is still considerable. This is because clouds allow some sunlight to pass through and reach your solar panels.

Panels Tweed Heads

Solar Panel Rebates

We advise any potential rebates, and feed-in tariffs at the time of quotation. Your eligibility will depend on the size of your system as well as your electricity retailer.

At Green Spark, we also liaise with the electricity retailer to ensure the meter is correct and that a feed-in tariff will be received. We will then be able to confirm when you can expect to receive a feed-in-tariff and advise of how much is available.

As part of our service, we also send a solar application to be approved before we install. We do this to ensure that you are eligible to receive a feed-in tariff as well as make sure your meters are correct.

Solar Panel Servicing

Solar Warranty

Generous warranties are provided with the solar panels we sell. Therefore, you can trust the durability and reliability of the solar panels we offer. The warranty that you receive will depend on the product you have purchased, but our inverters usually come with a 5-10 year warranty. The top-end inverters we sell can also have warranty extended to up to 25 years via the manufacturer’s Australian offices.

With regards to panels, a 10-year factory warranty usually applies as well as a 25-year guarantee to produce more than 80% of the nominated power output after the 25-year period.

Solar Panel Service

Solar Panels – The Ultimate Green Electricity Solution

If you would like your home to be more sustainable, say yes to an environmentally friendly and cost-effective electricity solution by turning to Green Spark for superior solar panel installations tailored to suit your individual needs.

Not only can you save money, but you will also contribute to saving the environment with this clean energy choice. You will also receive the added benefits of minimal maintenance as well as increasing the value of your home.

Combining a quality solar panel product with a leading installation service or solar power battery, Green Spark is the only solar company you need to turn too. Contact us today for a free quote and we will be happy to help! call us on 0414 352 982 or email us at


Start saving money with solar today.

What our Customers Say!

Another very satisfied customer! Everything was easy, fast and professional from the initial enquiry and informative quote to the completion of installation. The panels also look great on the roof and the Fronius energy app is fascinating to monitor variations of sun and power consumption. Highly recommend.
Gary pallot
We installed 160 panels on our busy truck tyre store, after the solar install and re negotiating with our supplier we have reduced our electricity bills by $20,000 P.A
Paul & his crew went above and beyond installing over the weekend so it did not disrupt business.
Amazing service from Paul and his team. Used Green Spark before and totally recommend them! Don't bother looking elsewhere just go straight to Paul at Green Spark..
Christine BOYD

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