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Brisbane residents are increasingly looking for electricians that are reasonably priced, honest and skilled. Whether you’re after some general electrical work around the house, want help saving money on your power bill, or are interested in installing solar panels Brisbane locals can count on Green Spark to meet all of their electrical needs.

Our friendly electricians are fully qualified to conduct all electrical services, including residential, commercial and industrial jobs as well as installation of solar power Brisbane wide. Call 0414 352 982 to book a Green Spark electrician today!

Why Go Green in Brisbane?

Queensland has the highest wholesale power prices in the country, and Brisbane’s electricity prices are soaring!

Not only does Brisbane have retail power prices that are more than 50% above the national average (making it the second most expensive city in the country), but the “per day electricity supply charge” increased from 91.7 cents a day to 128.9 cents a day last year. That means Brisbane residents will pay $470 a year just to stay connected to the network – and that’s not including the cost of the actual power used!

These electricity prices will only continue to rise, so there’s never been a better time to start saving with solar power.

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How Do I Get an Installation Discount?

To make connecting to solar power in Brisbane more affordable for everyone, Green Spark offers you an upfront discount on purchasing and installing your solar panels. By simply assigning your solar panel’s lifetime STCs over to Green Spark, you’ll get hundreds of dollars off of the cost of the system.

For example, if STCs are valued at $40 each, and your 3kW solar power system is worth 62 STCs, you’ll be eligible to take off $2480 from the cost of your solar panels from the get go.

Of course, keeping your STCs and paying full price for your system is also an option. However you’ll have to register your own STCs, source a buyer and decide when the best time to sell is. The vast majority of our customers choose to swap their STCs for a discount, as this is the most hassle-free and cheapest way to get solar power connected to their property.

There is no end to Brisbane’s electricity price rises in sight, so now is a better time than ever to get connected to a solar power system.

How Can Brisbane Lower its Electricity Bills?

By hooking properties up to solar power Brisbane residents can reduce or even eliminate their power bill.

When it comes to solar power Brisbane is one of the most connected cities in the world -23% of the city’s homes already use solar energy. That’s nearly 500,000 people relying on solar panels to run their homes! The weather in Brisbane is optimal for installing solar panels. It’s one of Australia’s sunniest cities, with an average of 4.2 hours of full sun per day, 8.5 daily sunshine hours and 261 sunny days a year. By installing 1.5kW, 3kW, or 5kW solar panels Brisbane homes can generate 6.3 kWh, 12.6 kWh, or 21 kWh per day. With a 5kW solar panel system, the average three-person household can easily cover the cost of their electricity usage and even start feeding electricity back into the grid. When it comes to solar panels, the larger your short-term investment is, the larger your long-term savings will be.

If you’re not in a position to pay for a solar power system that covers your entire energy usage, there are still ways you can considerably boost your savings using solar panels. By setting your most energy draining appliances to operate on solar electricity at peak energy pricing times (usually from 9 am to 3 pm) then switch back to the network during off-peak hours, you can cut your power costs even more.

If you need the help of a qualified electrician to talk you through everything you need about solar panels Brisbane wide, from what size your property requires through to solar panel placement and installation, Green Spark is the company for you.

Am I Able to Earn Money from Generating Solar Electricity?

Yes! In Queensland, if your system makes more energy than your household consumes you can sell this extra electricity back to your retailer.

Before June 2012, the QLD government offered 44 c/kWh for power fed back into the electricity network. Some people are still on this rate, but for those installing new systems, this “Solar Bonus” scheme is not available. Now that the exchange of electricity is not funded by the government and the transaction is left to electricity retailers to conduct, home and business owners get a much lower “feed-in tariff” for their electricity generation. That’s why it is critical that you research your retailer options before deciding which electricity company to go with. Some may give you very low electricity usage rates, but their feed-in tariffs are small too! Smaller companies like Click Energy offer up to 12c/kWh for feed-in tariffs while Origin only offers 6c/kWh.

What Government Discounts Are Available for Installing Solar Panels Brisbane Wide?

When it comes to solar power Brisbane has hundreds of companies offering solar panel installation deals. However, if you don’t know how the Australian government’s financial incentives work, you won’t be able to tell which the best deal is for you.

To steer our country away from fossil fuel based electricity generation and in the direction of using energy from renewable sources, the federal government offers remuneration for installing solar panels. This remuneration is in the form of “Small-Scale Technology Certificates” (STCs). The STC system is fairly straightforward. Every time your approved solar power system creates a megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity you earn an STC. STCs can be bought and sold, but there is no one single price for an STC. The amount of money you will get for trading in your STCs hinges on who your buyer is and when you sell. The larger the solar power generator you buy is, the more STCs it will accrue in its lifetime, and the more money you will make.

How Else Can Green Spark Help Me Save Money?

Green Spark electricians aren’t just solar panel installers. We offer a full range of cost-cutting residential, business and industrial electrical services.

Whether you’re a small business owner in the suburbs that needs an energy-smart shop fit out or new equipment installed, or you want to maximise the efficiency of your factory or plant, or you are simply a home owner with electricity bills that are too big, Green Spark have the solution for you. When you book an electrician, don’t forget to ask about getting a power usage evaluation at your property. We’ll help you figure out where all that electricity is going and stop wastage as much as possible.

We will help you slash your power bills by:

• Putting timers and sensors on your most power-hungry electrical devices, so you can rest assured knowing they are only being used when electricity is at its cheapest.

• Servicing and adjusting equipment and appliances to run at maximum efficiency.

• Replacing outdated technology with the latest and most efficient equipment and appliances. This doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, it can be as easy and cheap as swapping regular lights with highly energy efficient LED alternatives.

• Fitting your home or business with an energy tracking device to monitor electricity usage.

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To arrange an energy saving appointment, provide us with some customer feedback, or get a quote for your job, get in touch with us today.

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What our Customers Say!

Another very satisfied customer! Everything was easy, fast and professional from the initial enquiry and informative quote to the completion of installation. The panels also look great on the roof and the Fronius energy app is fascinating to monitor variations of sun and power consumption. Highly recommend.
Gary pallot
We installed 160 panels on our busy truck tyre store, after the solar install and re negotiating with our supplier we have reduced our electricity bills by $20,000 P.A
Paul & his crew went above and beyond installing over the weekend so it did not disrupt business.
Amazing service from Paul and his team. Used Green Spark before and totally recommend them! Don't bother looking elsewhere just go straight to Paul at Green Spark..
Christine BOYD

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