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With electricity prices climbing along with temperatures due to climate change, more and more people around the world are moving toward alternative forms of energy. It is no different here in Australia where battery and solar power have never been more popular or affordable.

At Green Spark Electrical & Solar QLD, we understand the desire and the urgency to switch to these energy and cost saving alternatives. We are one of Brisbane’s most trusted Solar and Solar Battery Storage installation companies.

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We allow households throughout the Gold Coast to live Almost off the grid, meaning more savings and less of an environmental impact with a reduction of carbon emissions.

Each Solar Battery has a varied kWh energy storage capacity which is calculated enough to supply power to most homes in the evening while using electricity generated from the solar panels in the daytime. If you have a larger than average home, multiple batteries can be installed together for homes with greater energy needs. Multiple panels may also be installed to average-sized homes, increasing the amount of savings juristically. For example, 24 panels on an average home could net you more than $1600 per year in savings on your energy bills if you utilize all of the power the panels generate. This will provide you with a return on your investment in as little as two to four years.

Although Solar With Battery Storage in Brisbane and throughout the Gold Coast are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many who don’t believe a Solar With Battery Storage is for them. Cost, space constraints, and dependability concerns are the major factors keeping people from endeavouring into the world of Solar With Battery Storage. While these concerns are understandable, allow Green Spark to explain what exactly we give you when we install Solar With Battery Storage in your Brisbane or Gold Coast home and how this revolutionary technology is the wave of the future.

Solar With Battery Storage is a home battery that stretches the power your solar panels gather during the day and allows you to use that power at night, serves as a backup battery when the grid goes down, and enables the homeowner to achieve a net-zero energy for their home. With Solar With Battery Storage installed by Green Spark, the number one Solar With Battery Storage installation specialists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you will have the peace of mind that you won’t ever have to sit through another power outage again. Whether you run a business from home or have important medical equipment requiring constant power throughout the day, rest assured your Solar With Battery Storage will keep your lights on.

If you own your home, have the desire to maximize the use of solar power, and have an adequate amount of space around the breaker in your home, Solar With Battery Storage is perfect for you. The batteries we install comes with usually a 10-year warranty and will add value to your home. In addition to installing your Solar With Battery Storage, we can also outfit you with a new solar array and inverter. If not, the battery can be fitted to your existing solar panel system. To fit into your home, the Solar With Battery Storage needs just a little bit of space for wiring and heat management purposes. It’s dimensions vary depending on the one we use but are around 1300 mm (L) x 860 mm (W) x 180 mm (H).

The way the Solar With Battery Storage works is surprisingly simple actually. It all starts in the solar panels where sunlight is converted into electricity. This is what charges the Solar With Battery Storage (s) and keeps energy following to your house. After the Solar With Battery Storage is charged, the inverter converts direct current electricity from the panels, the grid, and Solar With Battery Storage into alternating current used by most of your household items such as lights, appliances, and devices. All installations require an inverter and to measure solar production and energy use, a meter is also installed. Then the electricity from the inverter is sent to the electrical panel in your home.

If your home doesn’t have solar panels, the power company generates the electricity that is sent from the electrical panel to the inverter to charge the Solar With Battery Storage. Some backup systems will require a secondary electrical panel for the most important appliances and outlets you want to back up. A switch in your home will automatically activate the back up during a blackout.

Solar With Battery Storage can save and store enough energy to power all of your appliances, devices, and lights for an entire night with its energy storage capacity. To give any sceptics out there an idea of how much electricity some of the most common household items use and whether a Solar With Battery Storage can handle it, here are a few examples: A flat-screen TV uses about 0.1kWh per hour it is on; a light in one room uses 0.1kWh per hour as well; a refrigerator uses about 1.6 kWh per day and a clothes washer uses 2.3kWh per use. Add all of that up and the Solar With Battery Storage will handle it with plenty to spare.

Although the vast majority of the people we’ve installed Solar With Battery Storage for are virtually free of the grid, most choose to stay connected as there are occasions—parties, weddings, or gatherings—when their energy use will be higher than usually and they need additional juice. Also, some days just won’t be ideal for collecting sunlight. On rainy or otherwise overcast days, being able to charge your Solar With Battery Storage from the grid will surely seem like a bright idea.

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to pick up the phone and contact Green Spark Electrical & Solar QLD, Brisbane’s Solar With Battery Storage specialists, the Solar With Battery Storage can be installed in or outside of your home, it requires no maintenance, and will allow you to stop giving your energy retailer near-free energy to then charge you more than six times that amount to use the same amount of energy when importing power from the grid.

At Green Spark Electrical & Solar QLD, we take pride in providing our customers with affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly electrical and solar power solutions. With the Solar With Battery Storage, the future is now. When considering installing one in your home, contact the friendly, capable, and knowledgeable experts at Green Spark Electrical & Solar, the Gold Coast’s Solar With Battery Storage specialists

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