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We at Green Spark Electrical believe we should be harnessing the unlimited potential of the sun's free solar energy with only the highest quality Solar Panel Gold Coast solutions.


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We’ll install and maintain your solar panels so they’re running as efficiently as possible.

Solar Battery

solar SYSTEM PERFORMANCE & Monitoring

We guarantee that your solar power system from Green Spark will meet your needs.

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We offer assistance & emergency repairs when it’s convenient for you.


Why Choose Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions?

Save Money on Solar

Save Money With Solar

Without solar power systems Gold Coast residents are subject to some of the highest electricity costs in the country. In fact, an average of $1467 per Gold Coast household is spent on electricity every year!

With our top of the range solar panels installed you can harness the unlimited potential of the sun’s energy and reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills right now!

Green Spark’s solar panel installation Gold Coast electricians are experts in the field, and will happily advise you about best design, positioning and size for your solar power system.

Why pay for electricity when you can get it for FREE from nature?

With a comprehensive system of solar panels Gold Coast residents can even make money! The more you invest initially, the more you’ll save, and potentially make from producing excess electricity!

Optimal Conditions for Solar Power

Optimal Solar Conditions

Australia is subject to some of the best conditions for harnessing solar power in the world, and Queensland’s Gold Coast solar panel conditions are no exception. The Gold Coast is a very sunny city, boasting roughly 300 sunny days a year.

On average a property in South East QLD will get 5.4 hours of peak sun hours (PSH) a day, and 12 sunlight hours every day of the year.

What does this mean in terms of solar power generation?

With 5.4 hours of peak sunlight, a home with a solar panel system of 6.6kW, 8kW, or 10kW will generate 35.64kWh, 43.2kWh or 54kWh respectively per day. In 2021, Gold Coast households consumed an average of 22kWh, but the solar system package must reflect the amount of the bill, not just the kWh usage if you want to cover it, contact our experts for your correct system size.

Minimal Maintenance

Easy Solar Maintenance

The great thing about our solar panels is how easy to maintain and durable they are.

Our panels only require a once a year cleaning and service to deliver peak performance year-round. Just ask about booking your cleaning and servicing when you get your panels installed, and we’ll remember so that you don’t have to!

This very minimal amount of maintenance will ensure that our quality solar panel installations we provide, will stand the test of time. Whilst providing your home with green electricity for many years to come.

Green Energy

Solar Is Green Energy

The Gold Coast is responsible for emitting 9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents each year – that’s 16 tonnes produced by every resident. This huge amount of emissions is mainly caused by Queensland’s reliance on primary fuel for electricity generation.

However, over 46,000 Gold Coast residents have recognised that solar panels are one the most environmentally friendly energy solutions available, and have already made the switch to emission-free power!

With a modern solar power system Gold Coast locals can have peace of mind knowing that they’re using green, natural and free energy supplied by the sun, and potentially even feeding that clean electricity back into the system for others to use!

Increase Your Home Value with Solar

Invest With Solar

Residential solar power is a major selling point for any potential home buyer.

By investing in a solar system Gold Coast customers won’t just reduce their power bills, it will significantly increase property value when it comes time to sell.

On average, Gold Coast solar power companies can increase a property's value by up to 4%! That means that solar systems Gold Coast homeowners install will result in the system virtually paying for itself!

Our solar systems can produce a ROI in just 2 years!

Green Spark Electrical – Solar Installation & Services

Affordable, Reliable Gold Coast Solar

The team at Green Spark Electrical & Solar Installers Gold Coast understand the growing demand for a Gold Coast electrician that takes care of both solar and general electric work. We pride ourselves on being the best electricians in town, with products that are:

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Environment Friendly

Solar Electrical Services Near You

Green Spark specialise in solar energy Gold Coast solutions by installing solar power systems and solar panels Gold Coast wide, as well as offering all of the standard electrical services you’d expect!

Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Whether you want us to take care of a small task like changing a light bulb or installing a power point, or you have a larger project like a building rewiring or commercial fit out, our electricians can get the job done!

Don’t hesitate to call Green Spark Electrical & Solar on 0414 352 982 for a no obligation quote today!

Solar & Battery Finance Options Available

Considering a solar installation to cut down your energy costs and boost your home's energy efficiency? Now's a great time! At Green Spark, we get that budgets can be tight. That's why we offer a variety of financing options to suit your needs. Our loans cover a range of products, including solar panels, batteries, inverters, storage solutions, complete solar packages, and electrical services.

With competitive rates starting from as low as 0.99% P.A., we make going solar accessible.

Click below to explore more about our flexible financing solutions.

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Current Solar Specials

solar panels gold coast prices

6.64 kW Fronius Jinko Package

Save $400-$500 PER qtr bill

• 16 x 415 watt N-Type Jinko Half-Cell Panels (25yrs warranty)
• 5kW Fronius Primo Inverter and Energy Meter (10yrs warranty)
• Installed $6,999 Inc GST out of pocket (After STC’s applied to us as point of sale discount)
• *T’s & C’s Apply, enquire within.

From $6,999 INC GST.

8.715kW Fronius Jinko Package

Save $600-$750 PER qtr bill

• 21 x 415 watt N-Type Jinko Half-Cell Panels (25yrs warranty)
• 8.2kW Fronius Primo Inverter and Energy Meter (10yrs warranty)
• Installed $8,999 Inc GST out of pocket (After STC’s applied to us as point of sale discount)
• *T’s & C’s Apply, enquire within.

From $8,999 INC GST.

10.79kW Fronius Jinko Package

Save $800-$1000 PER QTR bill

26 x 415 watt N-Type Jinko Half-Cell Panels (25yrs warranty)
• 8.2kW Fronius Primo Inverter and Energy Meter (10yrs warranty)
• Installed $8,499 Inc GST out of pocket (After STC’s applied to us as point of sale discount)
• *T’s & C’s Apply, enquire within.

From $10,499 INC GST.

The Solar Panel Quoting Installation Process

Solar panel quoting and installation is a breeze with Green Spark.

Once we’ve arranged your home visit, one of our qualified electricians will head to your property to conduct an on-site assessment. This is performed to ensure your house or building is suitable for solar panels. We then tailor a solar power system design that suits your needs, which you can review.

Once you have approved the solar power system we have designed, we will have the installation underway for you in no time. It’s that easy!

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Our Other Electrician Products And Services

At Green Spark, our green-minded electricians are happy to help you with all of your other household or commercial electrical needs too! We carry out all types of electrical work from installing new fans, security systems, lights and electric gates through to large jobs like retail fit outs, industrial machinery fixes, and commercial wiring.

Whether your new store on Cavill Avenue needs wiring, lighting or telephone networks taken care of, your Yatala processing plant’s electrical equipment requires maintenance, repair or test & tag, or your Robina townhouse needs new lights or pool pump installed or fixed, Green Spark has you covered.

Start saving money with solar today.

Your Gold Coast Solar Power Installer

Expert Installing Solar Panel

Experienced Solar Installations

When you think of solar Gold Coast, Green Spark has been providing Gold Coast solar power solutions for over 10 years. Our energy solutions have been cutting QLD power bills with quality solar packages for people's home or business. Some benefits of installing solar with Green Spark include:

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Feed in Tariffs

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Govenment Rebates

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Reduced Power Bills

Quality Solar Products

When you choose solar, you choose green energy. No matter your street address, our residential solar and commercial solar power solutions are top quality Australian owned and quality solar power products. From Burleigh Heads to Varsity Lakes, South Brisbane, Logan and South East Queensland. We are one of the premier solar companies on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Invest in Gold Coast Solar

Going solar is a long-term investment. It may take a few years to see a return on your investment, but solar panels typically have a lifespan of 20-25 years. So, if you're planning on staying in your home for the long haul, solar is definitely worth installing.

Gold Coast Solar Battery Solutions

Battery systems for your solar pv system are good choice too, if your home or workplace has an EV Charger or electric hot water systems. We pride ourselves on supplying wuality products at a competitive price. We can talk you through all the finance options available to you, so your new solar system is an affordable investment you'll benefit from for years to come.

What our Customers Say!

Another very satisfied customer! Everything was easy, fast and professional from the initial enquiry and informative quote to the completion of installation. The panels also look great on the roof and the Fronius energy app is fascinating to monitor variations of sun and power consumption. Highly recommend.
Gary pallot
We installed 160 panels on our busy truck tyre store, after the solar install and re negotiating with our supplier we have reduced our electricity bills by $20,000 P.A
Paul & his crew went above and beyond installing over the weekend so it did not disrupt business.
Amazing service from Paul and his team. Used Green Spark before and totally recommend them! Don't bother looking elsewhere just go straight to Paul at Green Spark..
Christine BOYD

Some Quick Solar FAQs Answered

What are tarrifs?

A grid-connected home solar system means that any excess power generated by your system will be fed back into the power grid. The QLD Solar Bonus Scheme currently provides a feed-in tariff of 8c per kWh for excess solar power fed back into the grid. Your electricity provider may also provide an additional 10c per kWH.

What are rebates?

The Australian government is currently providing a sizeable rebate in the form of "small-scale technology certificates" (STCs) off the price of new solar systems. In addition to saving you the hassle, Green Spark Solar can process and submit the certificates on your behalf. The amount you save will depend on the size of the system you buy because we will deduct the STC value from the invoice amount. Please give us a call so we can estimate the current savings you would achieve.

Is there a difference between Solar Power and Solar Hot Water?

There is no electricity produced by solar hot water. Your roof receives water that is then heated by the sun and stored in your hot water storage tank.

Solar power is sunlight that is converted by solar panels on your roof into electricity, which can then be used to power your home's appliances.

What Does Tier 1 Mean?

An independent organisation unrelated to the solar industry, has developed a three-tier ratings system for solar cells. The purpose of the ranking system is to assist consumers in making well-informed choices that will ensure they get value for their money.A manufacturer is considered Tier 1 if they produce high-quality goods and intend to stick around for a while. This is crucial because, after all, a 25-year warranty is useless if the company can't be relied upon to honour it.

What does module (solar panel) efficiency mean?

he solar module's efficiency rating tells you how well it uses a square metre of solar energy to generate electricity. A traditional 250 watt solar panel has a level of effectiveness of about 15.3%, compared to a 235 watt solar panel with the same dimensions that has an efficiency rating of about 14.1 percent.

Is There any Maintenance Required?

Checking: To identify any potential performance problems, it is advised to routinely check the yield results on the inverter. If in doubt, give one of our employees a call right away to find out if performance metrics are within the expected range.

Washing: Rain usually suffices to keep the solar panels clean; however, if there has been little or no rain, or the area has high air pollution, a quick clean may be necessary from time to time to keep the system operating at its best.

Does Insurance Cover My Solar Panels?

When installed on your roof Your home insurance policy should automatically cover solar panels, but we still advise checking with your insurance provider.

Are My Solar Panels Safe In Hailstorms?

Yes, high-quality solar panels are produced utilising tempered glass that can endure projectiles up to 28 mm wide and 86 km/hr.

How long do solar systems last?

Solar panels are long-lasting. Good panels last at least 30 years. Unbroken panels won't fail but will lose power until replaced. Inverters are more complicated, and their durability depends on placement (how dirty, how much sunlight and heat in that location). Most have 5-to-10-year warranties and should last 15 years or more.

Can I upgrade my system in the future?

You can upgrade. If there's enough room, additional solar panels can be added. You may need a new inverter to handle the extra power. When upgrading, consider the size of your current PV system, as it has power limits.

Does my roof need to face north?

North-facing roofs are preferred, but east and west-facing roofs also perform well.A north-facing array will produce the most energy in the middle of the day, while an east or west-facing array will produce more energy in the morning or evening, when you use the most energy
South-facing arrays are a common misconception in Australia and shouldn't be used. A south-facing array will produce less than a north-, east-, or west-facing array, but it's still viable. A south-facing array tilted at 20 degrees (Australian homes are around 22.5 degrees) will operate at about 78% of its maximum.

How does solar battery work?

Electricity is stored in batteries through chemical processes for later use. For instance, a solar-powered torch can store electrochemical energy during the day to use at night to light the room.Large batteries or battery banks, which are collections of interconnected batteries, are two ways that solar panels can store the energy they produce. After that, the house can either use the energy it has stored or sell it back to the power grid.

How can I get solar power for my house?

To make things easier for you, we'll handle as much as possible. First, consult us about the situation so we can advise you.
Then, we'll compile the necessary paperwork and schedule our certified electricians to instal the system. After installation, solar energy is free.
We'll then complete our paperwork and give it to the utility company. A power company rep will adjust your metre. After your metre is installed, you can sell excess solar energy to the grid and get paid.

What Happens During a Blackout?

Grid Connect PV inverters only work when the grid does. This protects anyone working on a blacked-out power grid. Your PV system will restart with the grid.

Please checkout some more FAQs here. If you don’t find the answer that you are looking for here, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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